LED Tape Light

fitted with a surface mounted LEDs. (SMD = Surface mounted diodes).

There is a wide variety of LED configurations and LED chip sizes, to obtain the best lighting solution for the application. Through improved performance and a wide range of product options, the use of LED tape light is rapidly increasing in commercial, retail, residential and industrial applications.

LED Tape Light is available in a wide range of colours:
White – the full spectrum of white light is available, from warm white (2700K) to pure white (6500K).
Static colours – Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.
RGB – Colour mixing with RGB (Red / Green / Blue) LED chips, adjustable using a remote controller.
Also available in RGBW which incorporates white light into the LED chip as well.
Dual Colour White – Offers the full spectrum range of white light, from warm white to pure white, adjustable using a remote controller.

LED tape is available with different IP (Ingress Protection) ratings:
• IP33 – Indoor use
• IP55 – Humid air (non-corrosive environments)
• IP65 – In rain
• IP68 – In water


Choose the right LED Tape option for the application. Brightness is measured in Lumens, and can either be stated as Lumens per LED or Lumens per meter.
There are several variables that affect the brightness:
LED Chip Size
Popular options include 2835, 5050 and 6060. The numbers represent the chip size in millimeters i.e. the 2835 chip measures 2.8mm x 3.5mm.
LED Pitch
How close the LEDs are placed together. Options range from 30 / 60 / 120 LEDs per meter for standard ranges. Super bright options range from 180 / 240 LEDs per meter. Options with double row LEDs are also available.
LED tape light is available in both 12 Volt and 24 Volt.
LED tape light is fully dimmable to ensure you can reach the optimum lighting level.

LED tape has a very flat profile between 6mm and 12mm wide, allowing it to be installed into tight spaces and hidden out of view. It is backed with 3M adhesive tape for easy installation. Bendable Tape Light is also available, which allows for bending and fitting around tight radius curves and into corners.

tape on roll
- Linear Tape Light is great for creating uniform illumination in sign boxes and ceiling lighting features.
- Bendable Tape Light is versatile and perfect for small channel letters.



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