Meanwell XLG Series Power Supply – XLG-150-12A

Constant current and constant power design.

Power: 150W

Protection: IP65

Warranty: 5 Years

IP65 Rating
12 Volt
Constant Current

Part. No.WarrantyPowerSize(L*W*H)Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentMax LED loadIP Grade
PV-120305 Years30W220*30*20mmAC170-264VDC12V2.5A75%IP67
PV-240305 Years30W220*30*20mmAC170-264VDC24V1.25A75%IP67
PV-120605 Years60W148*55*35mmAC170-264VDC12V5.0A75%IP67
PV-240605 Years60W148*55*35mmAC170-264VDC24V2.5A75%IP67
LV-121005 Years100W171*63*39mmAC170-264VDC12V8.33A75%IP67
LV-241005 Years100W171*63*39mmAC170-264VDC24V4.17A75%IP67
LV-121505 Years150W223*63*39mmAC170-264VDC12V12.5A75%IP67
LV-241505 Years150W223*63*39mmAC170-264VDC24V6.25A75%IP67
LV-122005 Years200W264*70*49mmAC170-264VDC12V16.7A75%IP67
LV-242005 Years200W264*70*49mmAC170-264VDC24V8.33A75%IP67
LV-122505 Years250W294*70*49mmAC170-264VDC12V20.83A75%IP67
LV-123005 Years300W248*70*32mmAC170-264VDC12V25A75%IP67

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